Piano and vocals. Jazz and popular songs by request.


South Side Shufflers


I am a huge fan of traditional New Orleans jazz.  From time to time, I get out from behind the piano, put on my traditional jazz hat and pick up the clarinet as a member of The South Side Shufflers, an authentic New Orleans style traditional jazz quartet based in Southern Ontario.


The four founding members share a love of the irresistible, toe-tapping, head-bobbing swing of old style New Orleans jazz.  We love to spread joy wherever we go.  Frequently referred to as “Good Time Jazz”, our music is fun, accessible and infectious.  Tunes like “Sweet Georgia Brown”,  “Indiana”, “Down By The Riverside”, and “Bill Bailey” are examples of the kind of tunes that form the backbone of our repertoire.


Growing up, I was steeped in the style of legendary players like Sidney Bechet, Edmond Hall, and Tony Parenti, and it is this style that listeners of the South Side Shufflers can expect to hear.  Gerry Holden holds down the banjo chair, keeping the Mississippi riverboat rhythm churning faithfully as the band runs down their repertoire.  Peter Whittington is the timekeeper, and holds true to his “straight-down-the-middle” view of what good Dixie drumming should be.  Bassist extraordinaire Murray Abraham rounds out the group.  With an abiding love for New Orleans music, he creates an authentic, rock-solid foundation.


We perform throughout the province at jazz and blues festivals and various other functions.  Our most recent performance was at the Orangeville Jazz and Blues festival this June.  If you love infectious, energetic jazz, check us out!