Piano and vocals. Jazz and popular songs by request.




Years of writing and compiling tunes finally led to the release of a solo CD in 1996.  I wanted to make a recording that reflected the style of pop music that I loved.


While I was a jazz lover at heart, I knew that many of the audiences for whom I played wanted something a little more mainstream.  So I wrote with that in mind.  Sounds had been resonating and rolling around in my brain for several years, with a sort of Elton John - Gordon Lightfoot - Michael Franks - Billy Joel flavour.  The result was “For the Love of it”, a 10-song CD which quietly sold out all 500 copies of its first pressing.  A second CD has been “in the works” for a long time now, and to all of you who have been asking When? When? I assure you it will be…..sometime soon.  Stay tuned.




[CD] Press Coverage


“Six nights a week in Holiday Inns and Ramada Inns sharpens your chops and builds an amazing repertoire of songs”, says Scott, and he began to accumulate what has grown to a 500-plus song list.  While he is largely an interpreter of jazz and pop classics, Scott  writes and performs his own material as well.  An 11-song CD called “For the Love of it” was released in 1996 and quietly sold out its first pressing, receiving press coverage in five different publications.